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By Cliff Smith



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Naturally the basic specification of the Z33 doesn't leave much scope for interesting features. It does have Casio's usual side-bar quick menu for quick access to often-used settings, including picture size, flash mode, ISO, white balance and exposure compensation, but it looks a bit more sparsely populated than usual. It does offer face detection autofocus, but lacks the sophisticated auto-trigger shutter and blink detection options of the more advanced models. The main menu is also a bit barren but it does have a few options, with several autofocus modes including manual focus, a triple-shot self timer option, and even the option to customise the function of a couple of controls.

Like most of Casio's compacts the Z33 has a dedicated button to start video recording instantly. The video mode is a bit basic by recent standards, with a maximum resolution of 848 x 480 at 30fps. Audio recording is of course mono only, and optical zoom cannot be used while filming. Video quality is not brilliant, and the audio is also pretty poor, very tinny with a lot of ambient noise.

Another feature which the Z33 shares with other models in the range is Casio's very useful Best Shot system of special scene programs. It has 22 scene settings, 23 if you include audio recording, and they cover most common and a few uncommon situations. As usual there is a YouTube mode for video recording, and the bundled software includes a "YouTube Uploader". I thought the YouTube site itself included an uploader, and would accept video in a wide range of formats, but then I know little of such arcane wonders.


December 29, 2009, 5:06 am

Hmmm, neat little camera yes. I bought this for my daughter to use, it is Simple and Easy to use. Great Pics! Has software CD and USB cord for uploading pictures. Fantastic! The battery "is re-chargeable", comes with a handy little charger base, separate from the camera that plugs into the wall! I guess so you can charge your battery separately while uploading the pictures to the computer...

... I figured this out the hard way when I learned the camera WONT charge the Battery "while connected to the computer". I am so bummed now. I just assumed it could be recharged by being connected to the computer!(just like most all other computer electronics)

Oh well.

We live.

We learn.

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