1. Canon Legria FS21

    Canon Legria FS21

    If high-def camcorders are too pricey, perhaps a standard-def one like the Canon Legria FS21 is worth considering?

  2. Canon Legria HF20

    Canon Legria HF20

    After the marvellous HF S10, how does the Canon Legria HF20 compare? James Morris tells all.

  3. Canon Legria HF S10

    Canon Legria HF S10

    The Canon Legria HF S10 is pricey, but it's still a great camcorder.

  4. Canon HG21

    Canon HG21

    Sporting a viewfinder and a 120GB hard disk, is Canon's HG21 HD camcorder a better buy than the HG20? James puts it through its paces.

  5. Canon HF11

    Canon HF11

    Does Canon's HF11 HD camcorder better its excellent HF10? James finds out.

  6. Canon HG20

    Canon HG20

    With the option to record AVCHD video at 24Mbits/sec, Canon's HG20 puts in a great performance. Updated with video review.

  7. Canon HF100

    Canon HF100

    Similar to the award-winning HF10, but cheaper.

  8. Canon HV30

    Canon HV30

    Canon's tape-based HV20 was one of the best HDV camcorders around, so does its successor, the HV30, take things further?

  9. Canon FS11

    Canon FS11

    A small standard definition camcorder for those who just want to point and shoot - video footage that is.

  10. Canon HF10

    Canon HF10

    The HF10 is Canon's first flash-based Full HD AVCHD camcorder and it looks set to make a big impression.

  11. Canon DC201 DVD Camcorder

    Canon DC201 DVD Camcorder

    It's one of the cheapest camcorders out there, but is it worth buying?

  12. Canon DC50

    Canon DC50

    If DVD is the recording media for you, then this camcorder should fit the bill.

  13. Canon MD160

    Canon MD160

    If you're not quite ready to go HD, this affordable effort DV camcorder will do the job.

  14. Canon HR10 DVD Camcorder

    Canon HR10 DVD Camcorder

    The HR10 brings DVD-based recording to Canon's camcorder line-up. Does it perform as well as we've come to expect?

  15. Canon HG10 HDD Camcorder

    Canon HG10 HDD Camcorder

    Canon's first camcorder with a hard disk drive makes its debut. Is James Morris impressed?