1. Canon XC10

    Canon XC10

    The Canon XC10 provides brilliant 4K shooting and very good stills in a single package.

  2. Canon

    Canon LEGRIA mini

    Canon produces a camcorder for the YouTube blogger generation

  3. Canon LEGRIA HF G30

    Canon LEGRIA HF G30

    A pricey but brilliant pro-grade camcorder

  4. Canon LEGRIA HF R46

    Canon LEGRIA HF R46

    A very attractive HD camcorder with built-in Wi-Fi for around £300

  5. Canon EOS C100

    Canon EOS C100

    The ultimate DSLR and video camera hybrid

  6. Canon LEGRIA HF R406

    Canon LEGRIA HF R406

    A great, low cost camcorder with a 32x optical zoom

  7. Canon LEGRIA HF R38

    Canon LEGRIA HF R38

    The HF R38 bundles wireless media serving with decent image quality and features.

  8. Canon LEGRIA HF M56

    Canon LEGRIA HF M56

    Canon’s LEGRIA HF M56 makes a great mid-range camcorder at its current price.

  9. Canon LEGRIA HF M52

    Canon LEGRIA HF M52

    The Canon LEGRIA HF M52 blends of high-end video performance with excellent connectivity.

  10. Canon LEGRIA HF G10

    Canon LEGRIA HF G10

    The Canon LEGRIA HF G10 shows the company still has plenty to offer the serious videomaker.

  11. Canon LEGRIA HF R26

    Canon LEGRIA HF R26

    Canon's LEGRIA HF R26 offers decent features and image quality for the money.

  12. Canon Legria HF R18

    Canon Legria HF R18

    Can Canon face off the competition for value again?

  13. Canon Legria HF S21

    Canon Legria HF S21

    Canon's latest top-end HD camcorder is priced lower and has more features than its predecessor. Does this make for a winning combination?

  14. Canon Legria HF M31

    Canon Legria HF M31

    Despite its slight low light shortcomings, the Canon Legria HF M31 is a tempting proposition.

  15. Canon Legria HF21

    Canon Legria HF21

    Canon's Legria HF21 camcorder is aimed at the enthusiast videomaker, but how does it compare to its predecessor and rivals?