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A range of test shots are shown over the next few pages. Here, the full size image has been reduced for bandwidth purposes, and a crop taken from the original full resolution image has been placed below it in order for you to gain an appreciation of the overall quality.

1.0 sec, f/4, ISO 80
Doing the ISO samples was made unusually difficult because it seems that Canon has taken to hiding the ISO value in a non-standard field of the EXIF data that can only be read by Canon’s own software. Still, a nice sharp image with no trace of image noise.

1.0 sec, f/4, ISO 100
At 100 ISO, just ¼ of a stop higher, the image is of course still noise free.

0.6 sec, f/4, ISO 200
At 200 ISO there is still no appreciable image noise and the image is still nice and detailed.

0.3 sec, f/4, ISO 400
At 400 ISO there is just a little noise in the darker areas, but none of the random colour noise often seen at this speed.

1/6th, f/4, ISO 800
At 800 ISO the noise suddenly becomes more pronounced, but the colour noise is still kept to a minimum.

1/13th, f/4, ISO 1600
1600 ISO is noisier still, and now there is some colour noise visible as well, although at lower levels than most cameras.

1/25th, f/4, ISO 3200
Using the 3200 ISO option limits image size automatically to 1600 x 1200 resolution (2 megapixels) but does offer reasonable image quality for the size, with little visible noise.

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