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By Cliff Smith



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The A470 has the same familiar function menu system found on all of Canon's recent compact cameras, although here it is somewhat simplified. The camera has two basic shooting modes; an auto mode in which virtually all the function menu options are disabled apart from picture size and drive mode, and a "manual" mode in which exposure compensation, ISO setting, white balance and the custom colours option are available. As well as these modes there is a scene mode option with ten scene programs.

The range of features available on the main menu isn't great. There the usual three metering mode options, three autofocus options including face detection, and a small selection of flash mode options, and that's pretty much your lot.

The LCD monitor isn't one of Canon's best. It has a diagonal size of 2.5 inches, nut it only has a resolution of 115,000 dots, and the angle of view is distinctly limited, being approximately 45 degrees in either direction vertically, and only slightly more horizontally.

I have to say that I'm not massively impressed by the control layout either. The mode dial protrudes above the line of the body and is easily jogged, meaning that when you come to take a picture you inevitably find that the camera is in playback mode. As well as this the zoom control is located on the up and down directions of the D-pad, possibly the most awkward and counter-intuitive position it could possibly be. I also found that the D-pad has a slight delay when selecting some menu options, which can be a bit irritating if you're changing things in a hurry.

Cristian Bejan

September 1, 2008, 12:16 am

I think it's worth to notice that A470 is worse than its predecesor A460 from the optical standpoint. Zoom is actually 3,6x instead of 4x (38-132mm at A470 compared to 32-158mm at A460) while aperture starts at 3 (2.8 at A460).

Alastair 1

September 25, 2008, 3:10 pm

We had two A460's fail 'just' outside the warranty period - the processor failed in both cases. Cannon were great and replaced both with A470's - I much prefer the A460. Not having an optical viewfinder is a step backwards. I've just purchased the G7 (fabulous!) and so had arranged to sell my A470 to my sisters, but now they've seen the Pentax S10...I've no hope. It'll cost them double but they just don't want the bulk of the A470. Anyone want to buy a camera?


February 12, 2009, 4:28 pm

I bought this Canon Digital camera for my 16 year old son to take it on his school trips after I checked various reviews on the internet including the http://best-digital-cameras... His previous Sony camera from lasted barely 8 months and took really mediocre photos. This Canon camera however is amazing! The pictures are very sharp, perfectly exposed and this Canon Camera is totally simple to use.

It seems that the menus are really designed for ordinary people, very easy to understand!. Son appreciated that very much.

The conclusion is that he had 24 hours to learn how to use this digital camera and then spent a week in New York with his class. The photos were great and his total camera experience was excellent. And one more important thing, I didn't break the bank for the purchase it!


February 15, 2010, 3:02 pm

Also worth noting this PowerShot does not include the stitch assist mode for taking images to stitched into a panorama on your PC or Mac which I consider to be quite handy.

Worth mentioning too the follow ups to this model-the A490/490/495 have a 3.3x lens instead of 3.4x (38-122mm on the follow up models compared to 38-132mm on the A470).

I agree with the use of the center button to zoom in or out to be quite couteractive.

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