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Canon PIXMA MP970 All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MP970 All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MP970 All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MP970 All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MP970 All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MP970 All-in-One
  • PIXMA MP970 Inkjet Multifunction Printer - ColourDesktop (Copier, Scanner, Printer - 30 ppm Mono - 22 ppm Color - 35 Second Photo - 9600 x 2400 dpi - PictBridge, Infrared - Fast Ethernet - Mac)


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Back in October 2007, we reviewed Canon's PIXMA MP610 all-in-one and the PIXMA MP970, reviewed here, has many of the same features. The main difference is the price, with the MP610 costing around £115 and this top-of-the-range model coming in at just under £200. So what does the MP970 have that makes it worth the extra £85?

It could be the amount of plastic, as the case of this machine is massive and much taller than its cheaper siblings, though the reason isn't clear. The machine's layout is conventional for Canon, with a 150-sheet paper tray at the rear and a paper cassette, with the same capacity, slotting in from the front. Either source can be used for paper or photo blanks.

At first glance the MP970 appears to have no control panel, but it's actually set into the lid of the scanner. A panel flips up to reveal an 88mm LCD display, 20mm bigger across the diagonal than the MP610's. We're not convinced about the positioning of the controls, because if you lift the scanner lid with the control panel open it can be cumbersome.

The lid of the scanner has a removable underside, which reveals an illuminated strip for scanning transparencies. There's a transparency and film holder in there, too, which you can lay on the flatbed to help with these high resolution scans. This is something the MP610 doesn't have, though the maximum scan resolution is the same on both machines.

Main controls make use of Canon's innovative Easy-Scroll wheel and a similar, elliptical display of icons appears on the LCD. The silver-coloured, right-hand panel on the front of the printer hinges open to reveal twin memory card slots, for all the common types, though the PictBridge socket is below the door and you don't need to open the panel to use it.

The front output tray is neat, as sheets feeding from the printer don't protrude much from the front. However, it also means 15 x 10cm photos are slightly more awkward to retrieve and sit awkwardly on one of the raised runners designed to keep A4 sheets in order. Also awkward is the slot to take the CD and DVD carrier for direct disc printing. This is so deep inside the all-black interior of the printer, making it hard to locate the carrier in its guide slots.

Joining the USB socket at the back is an Ethernet port, included as standard, which partly explains the higher pricing. Software provided with the PIXMA MP970 includes OmniPage SE and Presto! PageManager, as well as a suite of Canon's own applications including a useful CD/DVD print utility for direct and network printing.

There are seven inks in this all-in-one, two more than in the MP610, with both dye and pigment-based blacks, and photo cyan and photo magenta to supplement the standard CMY set. All the cartridges clip easily into Canon's permanent print heads and useful red LED indicators on the cartridge carrier show any inks that need replacing.

Luke Flegg

November 17, 2008, 11:50 pm

Possibly the best electronics purchase I've ever made. I've had this printer nearly a year now and I still haven't replaced an ink cartridge- it just keeps going.

I have duplex printing on by default, which I find a great feature, scanning is brilliant and fast, print quality meets my standards as a professional photographer, though you will need high grade paper to really hold the definition, probably not the cheapest stock you can find on eBay.

Quick, great quality and excellent value. Haven't had a jam or other fault in a year of use..

Also is nice how the feeder, output and controls all fold away to make a perfect cubiod!

Graham 13

December 19, 2009, 6:41 pm

I have just bought an MP970 which works well as a printer and copier but as a scanner, well, poor is the right word. I have an old Epson 2450 Photo which won't work with Windows 7 (surprise, suprise) but is much superior. Even at the maximum resolution of 600dpi it can't match the old Epson. Is that why it was not tested? I wrongly assumed that in 9 years a top of the range printer/scanner would be similar.

I copied a printed image at 600dpi and onto PaintShopPro 7 (my Photoshop Elements dosn't work with you know what) and it shows a very pixelated picture and poor colour compared to the original Epson scanned image.

The reason for buying a new printer was Window 7 again, my Canon S800 still prints but was getting old.

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