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By Simon Williams



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Canon PIXMA MP610


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The PIXMA MP610 was quick through most of our tests. It raced through the five-page text print in 35 seconds and completed the text and graphics test in 74 seconds. A single-page copy took under 30 seconds and a 15 x 10cm print completed in 50 seconds. Prints from SD card and a PictBridge camera were even quicker with the PictBridge connection producing a print in just 39 seconds.

The one thing you wouldn't want to do regularly on the MP610 is print double-sided pages. Duplexing takes the same excruciatingly long time it did before - 8:42 for a 20-side document. The printing itself isn't that slow, it's the 10 second wait between finishing the first side of each page and starting the second that gives the poor result.

Print quality from the PIXMA MP610 is very good, with black print coming through clear and strong and with very little feathering. Graphics print is also well reproduced, with even black print over coloured backgrounds looking clean and well registered. Our photo test prints showed smooth colour gradations in the sky and fine detail in the foreground of the image. There was plenty of detail in darker, shadowed areas, too.

Copying one of our test pages using the machine's flatbed scanner gave results that were closer to the original than from many All-in-Ones at similar price points - better than the Kodak EasyShare 5300, for example. Canon uses a dual-rendering scheme to produce its scans and claims to have improved blue and yellow accuracy with the MP610.

The cost of running this device depends more than usual on whether you're printing black or colour. It uses different black inks, reserving the pigmented black in the PGI-5BK cartridge for black pages.

In our tests, ink usage was close to Canon's published figures, so we're happy to go with the company's results. The cheapest price we could find for the cartridges offers the pigmented black cartridge at £8.51 and each of the colour cartridges at £7.35. Including 0.7p for paper, this gives print costs of 2.51p for black print and 5.66p for colour. The black print figure is a little on the high side, but this is compensated for by a very good colour cost.


There are useful improvements in the design and function of the PIXMA MP610, over its predecessor. Given that the price hasn't increased significantly, this remains an excellent choice for a general-purpose, personal All-in-One machine. Just don't expect it to complete a duplex job in a hurry.

Adrian Byron-Parker

September 12, 2008, 10:05 pm

Replaced my Canon iP4300 with this as it uses the same ink... and this is the bigest cost.

Love this printer as i loved my iP4300 and this is that printer with a scanner and card reader. Not much bigger and a lot more uses with the copier/scannerand card reader.

I bought this just befor Canon replaced this with the 620 as the 620 has some advantages but the ink cartriges print a lot less copies than the 610.

Got this for 𧴢 from all places PC World (Internet Price). This was around ٢-٣ more than the lowest price but i could collect it the same day and had someone to complain to if it went wrong.

Happy Printing!

B. C. Smith

August 26, 2009, 1:13 am

Printer functions OK.

However, total cartridge eater. Replacement frequently.


January 16, 2010, 2:13 pm

I made the mistake of buying this lousy brand and the Pixma 610 was a bad choice. Beware. Your ink cartridges may be full but if the printer decides it cannot recognize them, you are screwed. Even worse, and shame on Canon for this, once it goes into that mode of wanting new cartridges, you cannot even use it as a scanner because it will give you an error 114.0 saying wait for diagnostics (which means you can wait forever). Big FAIL.


jesmond dene

February 26, 2010, 9:58 pm

please be aware if printer goes wrong your not likely to get a repair!mine went wrong during the guarantee service engine called and said he could not repair because it looked like someone had been inside printer and a wire inside had been cut.nobody had ever been inside so I asked him to investigate further he then found that it had been fitted with old wiring and the wire had been cut by canon fine I thought he will now fix the printer but oh no he still believed someone had been inside and refused to fix even though he apologised for accusing me of cutting the wire.Canon think pc world had repacked an old printer and sent to me at time of sale,printer looked new to me so I never noticed anything wrong until pointed out by the engineer.pc world dont want to know because its over 6 months old and neither do canon.so please be aware they are not the cheapest on the market and your guarantee means nothing.


November 24, 2012, 6:29 pm

I`ve had this printer for a coulple of years now with no problems at all with it. The only thing is the ink cartridges are very exspensive.

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