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Canon PIXMA MP495 review



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Canon PIXMA MP495
  • Canon PIXMA MP495
  • Canon PIXMA MP495
  • Canon PIXMA MP495
  • Canon PIXMA MP495
  • Canon PIXMA MP495
  • Canon PIXMA MP495
  • PIXMA MP495 Inkjet Multifunction Printer - Colour - Photo Print - Desktop (Printer, Scanner, Copier - 8.8ipm Mono/5ipm Color Print ISO - 41 Second Photo - 4800 x 1200dpi Print - 1200dpi Optical Scan - 100 sheets Input - Wi-Fi)


Our Score:



  • Good value
  • Decent speed
  • Not the cheapest running costs around


  • No memory card slot or PictBridge
  • Some quality niggles with image printing

Key Features

  • 4800dpi print resolution (Enhanced)
  • WiFi connection
  • 1200x2400ppi scan resolution
  • 100-sheet feed
  • 5.6kg weight
  • Manufacturer: Canon
  • Review Price: £56.08

Entry-level all-in-one printers continue to drop in price and improve their feature sets. Canon’s new PIXMA MP495 is the same price as its predecessor, the PIXMA MP490, while now including wireless connection as standard.

However, it does leave some things out of the equation, too, having no memory card slots or even a PictBridge connector, where the MP490 had both. The ‘P’ in MP495 is supposed to stand for Photo, but it's hard to see how this all-in-one qualifies, given it's impossible to print photos directly from a camera. You'll have to load them into a PC or Mac, first, and print them conventionally from there.

Canon has swung away from its silver and black colouring and has instead gone for a high-gloss black look, which is smart but so easy to smudge that you'll probably want to keep a cloth handy. It's also a devil to photograph, but that's our problem.

The paper path is conventional enough, with paper feeding from a 100-sheet tray set up at the back, to a fold-down output tray at the front. The front tray pops open automatically if you start printing with it closed. On top of the machine is a simple flatbed scanner, with a lid that lifts to accommodate books as well as single sheets.

The control panel is surprisingly busy for a low-cost printer, with a seven-segment LED display used to display the number of copies as well as symbols for status conditions. There are also indicators for low ink, paper jams and paper type, which is selectable through a push-button. In front of all these are six buttons to start and stop scan and copy jobs, to call up setup functions and to automatically fit a print to the page, which is an unusual feature.

This is a twin-cartridge printer, with separate black and tri-colour cartridges. Canon describes it as a hybrid system, which simply means that the black ink is pigmented while the colour inks are dyes. They both clip into place once you've lifted the main scanner section of the PIXMA MP495.

Wireless installation is more confused than some, as the setup program only refers to USB or network connections and only mentions wireless when you’re a way down the network route. You have to use the wireless setup cable as a temporary connection and enter your WPA passcode at the PC, though the process is then pretty automatic. The instructions could definitely be clearer for those unfamiliar with printers – this is, after all, an entry-level machine.

Steve Bishop

November 21, 2011, 5:05 am

I bought this Printer on the recommendations I saw on line, I didn't go looking to far as what I saw and read sounded great. This printer was for my daughter at Uni and it appeared ideal. The setup was quite long and drawn out, but we got there, and when my daughter got to Uni we set up the wifi and printer. the latptop connected to both and she was able to print. The printer was purchased on 14th September 2011, my daughter went to uni on 21st September 20011.
Within 5 days my daughter rang me saying the printer was saying the ink was running out. I purchased the proper cannon inks and got them delivered to my daughter at uni. we exchanged them with over the phone instructions. the printer sprang into life again.
My daughter did not do any hard printing, a few essays, a report or two maybe used approx 50 sheets of paper....no excessive.
this was over a 3 week period. My daughter then rang me again saying the printer was indicating the inks were running out, the black ink - as before. I tole her that's impossible and she should be getting possible 100-200 sheets or more per new ink cartridge.
not being able to get to may daughters uni to see for myself I again ordered new inks and sent them to her uni. Again we removed the so called empty in cartridge and replaced it with a brand new on.
this was last Tuesday on Saturday I again receive a call from my daughter that the Black ink says its empty.
Having spent time and effort in trying to resolve this, when I know my own printer at home a Black ink cartridge last approx 3 to 6 months and can go through 3- 4 ream of paper before it runs out.
I think everyone should know that this printer is not worth the amount of money being thrown at it.
Do not buy it....it will cost you more in inks than buying the machine itself. spend a little more and get a proper printer

Sean Aherne

May 12, 2013, 1:31 pm

Steve, you're totally right, but it's some kind of error with INK levels, you can print away about twice more again, it says low INK and shows empty but prints away until you see sheet with gaps, only then change, it will save you a fortune. I use one in work every day


September 26, 2013, 12:39 pm

I've had this printer for over 6 months and have changed the ink twice but this printer only gets used for children's home work.not brilliant regarding ink levels.also trying to connect wifi to the iPads is ridiculous I've tried many ways with no success.i received the disk with this item but I've no computer to install the wifi so I'm pretty much stuck.any ideas would be appreciated.


December 2, 2013, 5:32 am

my color catraged is not working there is have in philippines


December 2, 2013, 5:53 am

my canon is pixma mp495 the cartridge color not working what is the recplacement cartridge please be informed for my email t.y

Stephen Hudson

January 23, 2016, 5:12 pm

I agree with you. I printed 1 X 120 page colour document. It ran out of some colour ink after 60 pages but soldiered on until all three colours were 'out'. It then gives up the ghost completely after 91 pages.

You then will find that the printer will not allow you to print in greyscale with an empty colour cartridge nor does it have a black and white print mode for just printing with the black cartridge. Both tanks must have ink in them or the thing shuts down.

At the moment, I have a very expensive scanner.

Oh, and I literally just bought the new cartridges before the print job.

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