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Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One review



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Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One
  • Canon PIXMA MG5250 inkjet All-in-One
  • PIXMA MG5250 Inkjet Multifunction Printer - Colour - Photo Print - Desktop (Printer, Copier, Scanner - 11ipm Mono/9.3ipm Color Print ISO - 20 Second Photo - 9600 x 2400dpi Print - 2400dpi Optical Scan - 300 sheets Input - Wi-Fi - PictBridge)


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At first glance, this mid-priced all-in-one looks much like the PIXMA MG5150, but Canon’s PIXMA MG5250 has significant differences to justify the extra £30 in its asking price.

The shiny, glossy black finish of this machine is all too easy to smudge and scratch – this sample had been out and about and showed both. There are two paper paths: from the upright tray at the rear, which has a pull up and tilt support and from a cassette at the front, which is awkward to get your fingers in. Both have capacities of 150 sheets.

The PIXMA MG5250 can also print directly on suitably treated CDs and DVDs. An internal cover folds down and the supplied disc carrier slides in from the front. The smaller, credit card-sized discs are also supported.

A 60mm colour LCD screen folds up from the rear of the control panel set into the machine's top surface. This is to the right of the single-page, Contact Image Sensor (CIS) flatbed scanner, which has extending hinges, so it can handle books as well as single sheets.

The main control panel is well-organised and the printer's operating system has been revamped, making better use of the three soft-function buttons directly in front of the display. There's Canon's trademark click-wheel for navigating menus and a well-configured set of auxiliary buttons providing good control of the printer's functions.

A curved cover folds out from the right-hand front corner of the machine to reveal three memory card slots, including CompactFlash as well as the more normal SD and MemoryStick. xD cards are only supported via a third-party adapter. Underneath the card slots, is a PictBridge/USB socket for connection of cameras and USB drives.

The three main differences between this machine and the Pixma MG5150 are print speed – more of which in a bit – direct CD/DVD print and wireless connection. The wireless connection is easy enough to set up, though selecting characters for a WPA passcode using the click wheel is tedious. There’s no cabled network connection, so you need a wireless router for networking.

The five ink cartridges, with both pigmented and dye-based blacks, clip into the print head with a minimum of fuss and Canon thoughtfully provides indicator LEDs, showing when they’re properly engaged and flashing when ink is low.

Drivers for Windows and OS X are provided on CD, though there's no specific support for Linux. An above-average application bundle includes OCR and PDF file creation, Easy-PhotoPrint EX for photo manipulation and Canon's new Full HD Movie Print, though we can't help feeling this could use a lot of paper.


January 2, 2011, 2:37 pm

I'm a big fan of Canon printers, having 3 of them myself. I have no doubt that this is an excellent printer.

However, is it just me or are there a few models too many??

Martin Daler

January 2, 2011, 9:25 pm

a few too many models ha-ha! You hit the nail there. I have an IP5200R, and for the life of me I don't see what any of the newer printer models (not the All-in-ones) bring to the party that it hasn't got - print CDs, duplex, wifi, ethernet, twin paper trays. I think they keep changing the models to change the cartridge format, then ratchet up the already exhorbitant price of the old model cartridges. So I just use compatibles - was a great skeptic at first, but found that they work just fine, for a fraction of the price of originals, and no, the printer hasn't blown up, clogged up or died.

Alan Hewat

January 6, 2011, 8:49 pm

How does the MG5250 get an overall 8 when the slower MG5150 gets a 9 ?


December 1, 2011, 5:55 am

Just bought a MS5250. I chose this because of the cheaper ink cost on Canons. Very disappointed. Running on Win7 64. Its so very slow, goes to sleep without telling you! Print quality is not up to my previous HP309 or Epson Stylus photo. But worst of all the printer driver is buggy, when printing direct from Photoshop (the most popular photo editor ever!) pictures are often clipped to another standard print size despite the fact you have had a correct preview before hitting print. Wasted much time, ink and paper. Oh and as far as I can tell you can only print to disc via its own printer software, again with my HP I could print direct from Photoshop (or any other application). Am returning under 7 day right to return.


October 31, 2012, 11:41 am

We just bought a new MG5250 printer. During installation the auto adjustment of the print head did not work. The information contained in the provided manual did not address this issue sufficiently. After more than an hour and consulting online resources I found the reason: 2 out of the 5 colors of the printer do not print. The nozzle cleaning and the deep cleaning procedure did not fix this. I'm returning the printer. I will not rush to buy Canon equipment again!

Charlie Parker

March 9, 2014, 9:27 pm

I bought this printer. It is slow. It tells me it has run out of ink when it has not. It is so infuriating I can not wait to get rid of it.

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