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By Jamie Harrison



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It's a small camera but it's well balanced with a tough feel, yet it has a refinement to it that's lacking on some other models. It's responsive shutter button takes images quickly with minimal lag, though it's by no means comparable to a DSLR, while the zoom quickly moves through a steeped zoom range. This is backed up by a speedy AF system, that works in most lighting, though falls over a little in particularly dark rooms, where in conjunction with the flash can occasionally produce blurred images.

Image quality on first sight is pleasant. Images are generally well exposed - even subjects that I'd expect to need exposure compensation, ie very bright or dark subjects - are within the bounds of acceptable, with around half a stop of error.

Unfortunately the images display a familiar digital tint, common on sensors over 6MP. There's a grittiness to them, with noise displaying itself at close inspection, especially in areas of shadow detail. Combined with slightly aggressive compression in order to process and move and store the data, the images can suffer from a lack of detail, seen for example in detail, where the tones are very similar.

This is compounded by a lack of detail from the lens, with some sharpness fall off in the corner of the frame at the wide end of the lens focal length. The IS system makes some difference to sharpness and it's worth keeping it on all the time.

White Balance is better, the IXUS rarely getting it wrong, while noise at ISO 80-200 is passable it rapidly deteriorates as the gain is raised. On the positive side, at least the camera has a decent ISO range.


This is a camera designed to appeal more to the fashion conscious than the connoisseur, and as such it serves its purpose. It's well made and very attractive, but is at the lower end of the IXUS range in terms of specification, features and price. Image quality is passable but I sometimes feel manufacturers try to impress too much with the gimmicks rather than get the fundamentals right first. The IXUS 80 IS is a case in point.

Paul Tasker

July 19, 2008, 5:28 am

This is a neat little camera and at 𧴺 represents decent value.

Image quality seems to be very good under most conditions. Noise is there at high ISOs but stick to 200 and below and its well controlled. Colours are good, sharpness is decent and image stabilisation means shots come out well. Having tried/owned other cameras I think this ones a great allrounder.

So long as you don't ask too mcuh from it then it will deliver.

The best camera for image quality I've owned remains the sony P200 (very smooth top quality shots) but only if you take your time! If I passed it to a friend to take photo's for example some would be unusable! The little canon may not take such fabulous photo's, but all the photo's it takes are still good and very consistent which is probably better if using it for holiday snapshots.


August 13, 2008, 1:25 pm

I bought this camera as recommended by the shop guy, mostly as a video recorder. It does capture 640*480 at 60 frames a second, however, I am having difficulties downloading the resulting video to my laptop, at filesizes of 932Mb for 15 minutes video. Smaller ones arounf 250Mb present no issues I can see, and I'm pleased with the results. However, if I can't get the video off the camera, it'll be going back to the shop guy for refund.


October 26, 2008, 12:44 am

Hi...i want to buy a decent camera, which will give me good snaps...nothign out of the world, and ya low light snaps should come fine, like in pubs and all, i had a sony t 70 and had a bad time, esp in night, cos i used to see white patch and it seems i clicked from my cell phone, so i hope this camera would deliver me good? WAT SAY GUYS

Cara 1

November 14, 2008, 11:24 pm

Hiyyaa... I am getting this camera in a couple of weeks in pink and after seeing it in the store compared to others, i can admit that it one of the best for its price. Its has optical image stabelisation and face techection technology. It has so much style and is compact so it can fit into any purse or pocket. There are lots of fuctions and it has an easy to navigate menu. Also, it has a 2.5" purecolour LCD screen!

another thing is that IT HAS SUCH GOOD IMAGE QUALITY!!! and that VIDEO IS AMAZING!!!

everything about it is amazing so i dont need to be spercific.




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