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Canon EOS 5D MkII - Test Shots - ISO Performance

Over the next few pages we show a range of test shots. On this page the full size image at the minimum and maximum ISO settings have been reduced to let you see the full image, and a series of full resolution crops have taken from original images at a range of ISO settings to show the overall image quality.



This is the full frame at 100 ISO.



The focusing appears to be slightly off in this shot, but there is no image noise at all.



Still no noise t 200 ISO...



....400 ISO...



...800 ISO...



...1600 ISO. There is a tiny hint of noise in the green channel, but barely enough to notice.



At 3200 ISO there is a smattering of noise all over the image, but it is still quite printable.



Slightly more noise at 6400, but still plenty of detail.



Extended to an uncalibrated 12,800 ISO there is quite a lot of noise, but the banner letters are still readable.



At 25,600 ISO the image quality is finally breaking down, as well it might.



This is the full frame at 25,600 ISO, which I don't think I've ever typed before.


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