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Buffalo Technology TeraStation - NAS Box


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Installation won’t take long as Buffalo’s TeraNavigator utility hunts down appliances on the network and leads you through initial configuration. You provide a name and IP address and then decide on how you want to use the hard disks. All four can be combined into a single RAID-0 stripe or you can opt for two RAID-1 mirrors which will halve capacity. For RAID-5, three disks are combined with the fourth used to store parity data or you can use all four as individual devices, or JBODs (just a bunch of disks – honest). Four USB 2.0 ports add some extra versatility as you can add external hard disks or connect USB printers and share them over the network.

A Client utility is installed on each workstation which displays all available TeraStations, their IP addresses and the status of the hard disks. You can view network shares and jump straight over to the web browser management interface. This is well designed and easy to use with all options accessible from a tidy menu to the left. Client support is basic but good enough for the target market as the TeraStation supports the CIFS/SMB and AFP protocols allowing both Windows and Macintosh clients to access it. It’ll also function as an FTP server and you can decide which options are to be active for each shared volume. Usefully, a Recycle Bin is provided for each share and can be enabled or disabled as required. These also apply to any USB drives as well. We tested these features using a Maxtor OneTouch and USB Flashdisk and the appliance worked fine with them, although it’s worth noting that NTFS partitions are not supported.

Access can be controlled with usernames and groups, while read or write permissions can be applied on an individual basis or by group membership. Disk quotas aren’t supported so you can’t limit the amount of space a user can have. Backup options are surprisingly good as up to eight full or differential tasks can be created to secure selected shares to another location on the internal drives or to an attached USB device. Each job can be scheduled to run at regular intervals and data can be compressed and encrypted. You can also copy data to another TeraStation and the management interface will show all available units on the network. Buffalo even includes an Easy Backup utility which allows your users to schedule their own backup tasks for securing selected workstation data to the appliance and restoring their own files.


There’s a lot here to commend Buffalo for as the TeraStation offers a big serving of networked storage at a price highly suited to small businesses on a tight budget. Access controls are more limited than the higher end NAS appliances and disk removal is a real pain but for the price the TeraStation is offering a very tempting proposal. Considering the capacity, ease of use and killer price point, the TesraStation walks away with an Editor’s Choice award.

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chris 21

June 4, 2009, 8:28 pm

Had since Dec. '08, and not been able to back up ANYTHING. Right out of the box it had a hard drive failure. It took them over 1 month to ship replacement drive. It was refurbished. It failed too, Customer service is TERRIBLE and RUDE. STAY AWAY! The Customer Service department is definitely lacking. They hang up on you, berate you and insult you. They don't stand readily behind their product, and you will have to fight for any service you may get. They take their time shipping replacements and are oblivious to any of their customers concerns. I bought the 4 TB unit and have had nothing but problems with it. I have not even been able to back up on it!!! Seriously, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. You would be better served getting a (ack!! dare I say it!!) microsoft home server!!! ouch! Very Disappointed in this purchase, planning a trip down to texas to talk with these morons.

Tusky Walrus

August 21, 2013, 2:45 pm

I have a lot of these products at various clients and they
work very well. Any technical issues I have experienced have been dealt with
quickly & efficiently by their technical support department.

Recently one of the disks failed in a unit that was only 6
months old. Accepting the fact that these things do happen occasionally, I
contacted technical support and a new disk was sent to me. Once it was fitted
and the unit stable I started the process of returning the faulty drive.

And here’s the shocking bit – Buffalo expected me to pay for
the return courier, not just to a UK address but to one in The Netherlands! I
think this is a disgrace.

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