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Brother DCP-7045N - Feature Table

By Simon Williams



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December 24, 2010, 8:32 pm

Thanks for yet another excellent review!

I have a question: I am looking to start digitizing my home administration. For this I would like a sheet fed scanner and some pretty reliable OCR. I found that single-purpose sheet fed scanners are really expensive. More than twice the price of a multifunctional. In these reviews I don't see a lot of info about the scan quality or wether the machine is capable of in-machine OCR, which would be preferable if it was reliable. I guess my ideal machine would have a sheet fed scanner and a b/w laserprinter, because I don't care about color or fax and don't believe in inkjet for sporadic use, and that machine would output PDFs directly. And work like a charm on a Mac.

What is your opinion?

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