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BenQ DC X600 - Test Shots - Full Res Crops

By Cliff Smith



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BenQ DC X600


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Test Shots - Full Res Crops

Note: These ISO test shots were taken on a very wet overcast day when to be honest nobody in their right mind should be out taking photos, and the haze in the pictures is a result of the lousy weather, not the camera. For these shots, and most of the others, sharpness was set to low.


Shooting at the minimum sensitivity of 64 ISO produces the best image quality, with good colour reproduction and no image noise.


At 100 ISO there is still no image noise and the picture is nice and smooth.


At 200 ISO there is some noise starting to creep into the darker areas of the image, but the overall result is still very good.


At the highest sensitivity setting of 400 ISO there is a good deal of image noise in all areas. This setting should be avoided under most circumstances.


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