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Audi A8 2.8 Sport Multitronic review




When it comes to luxury saloon cars, Audi's A8 is quite a tempting proposition. Not only is it an extremely comfortable way to travel for long distances, but it's also nowhere near as heavy and fuel guzzling as you might first think. The A8 is built using Audi's aluminium space-frame technology, which drastically reduces the overall weight of the car without compromising safety or structural rigidity. But Audi hasn't stopped at the bodywork with this car - the 2.8l V6 engine is also an all aluminium unit, reducing weight even further.

The result is an extremely spacious luxury saloon that only weighs 1,690kg, and will go from zero to 60mph in eight seconds flat, despite the 2.8l engine only producing 210bhp. Of course there are many other engine options including a 3.2l V6, a 4.2l V8 and the range topping S8 with its 5.2l V10. You also get both 3.0l and 4.2l diesel units if you're not after a petrol engine.

The entry level 2.8l A8 that Audi supplied me with certainly looks the part, despite being a little low on power. It's slightly surprising that Audi has gone with a front wheel drive configuration for such a large car, especially when you consider the company's penchant for 4WD. That said, this is meant to be a comfortable cruiser, and it performs that task with aplomb. As long as you're not in a hurry to get anywhere you'll arrive feeling fresh as a daisy.

The other advantages of plumping for the base 2.8l A8 is that it will only set you back £210 a year in road tax, while also turning in a combined fuel economy of 34mpg. Both of which are pretty impressive on a car this size.

As with any luxury saloon, the A8 option list is stuffed full of technological wizardry, to make the car even more comfortable, entertaining and generally enjoyable. And, as luck would have it, this test car comes specced with some choice options from the list.


April 14, 2009, 5:37 am

Of everything I've ready about in TR over the last 5 years this has to come top of my most wanted list. I'd rather have the 4.0 TDI though.


April 14, 2009, 6:33 am

If anyone reading this is actually going to buy this car... can you just give me the 㿏,000 which you'll lose in 1st year depreciation..? and I'll treat you exactly like an audi driver as you go past in a Mondeo. You won't know the difference, I swear. Tell you what, credit crunch.. I'll do you the same deal for 30K, I can't say fairer than that.


April 14, 2009, 6:42 am

we had to install a high gain antenna on the roof, mounted on a pole just to get Freeview reception. Despite this, the A8 managed to pickup Freeview stations flawlessly while sitting in the car park.

Hmmm, guys, maybe you should look for a better antenna and installer if a car can do it better!


April 14, 2009, 7:00 am

@ravmania - I think I'd go for the V10 S8 if had to have an A8. Although in reality it's an RS4 that I'm after.

@Chocoa - As for reception, there is a gargantuan tree directly between the office and the nearest transmitter, so I'm assuming there is better line of sight from the car park. The reception from the Audi's TV tuner was impressive nonetheless.

Robert Elliot

April 14, 2009, 2:16 pm

You don't mention whether it has A2DP? That's my preferred method for playing music in the car - keep it on my phone.


April 16, 2009, 7:58 pm

@Robert Elliot - I couldn't find an A2DP option on the A8, but there was so much to wade through that I could have missed it. That said, with so many source options already at your disposal, A2DP may have appeared superfluous.

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