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  1. Asus RT-AC5300
  2. Asus RT-AC3200
  3. Asus RT-AC87U AC2400
  4. Asus DSL-AC68U Router

    Asus DSL-AC68U Router

    The fastest, all-in-one fibre router we've ever tested

  5. Asus RT-AC52U 802.11ac router

    Asus RT-AC52U 802.11ac router

    An 802.11ac router for less than £80? There must be a catch...

  6. Asus PCE-AC68
  7. Asus DSL-N66U

    Asus DSL-N66U

    The best 802.11n DSL router on the market.

  8. Asus RT-AC66U
  9. Asus RT-AC68U
  10. Asus RT-AC66U
  11. Asus RT-N56U
  12. Asus O!Play HD2 front

    Asus O!Play HD2

    This USB 3.0-enabled networked media player throws in the kitchen sink.

  13. Asus DSL-N13 ADSL 2/2+ Wireless Router

    Asus DSL-N13 ADSL 2/2+ Wireless Router

    The Asus DSL-N13 could make a good upgrade from your bundled ADSL 2 router.

  14. Asus O!Play Air HDP-R3

    Asus O!Play Air HDP-R3

    Asus adds a memory card reader and Wi-Fi to its latest media player.

  15. Asus RT-N16 Wireless Router

    Asus RT-N16 Wireless Router

    Gigabit Ethernet and Draft-N Wi-Fi are just two of the features offered by the RT-N16.