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Asus P750 Smartphone


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There is a front-facing VGA-resolution camera for video-calling. With all this hardware goodness you might expect the main camera to be higher than 3-megapixels, but that's all you get here. There is no flash, and no self-portrait mirror. Asus has included easy access to the various camera controls by putting tappable icons on screen, but these are a bit small and a fingernail will only be precise enough if you have dainty digits. Otherwise you'll have to use that horrid stylus to tap at them.

One feature the camera does have is auto focus. This comes in handy for the business card scanning software. I've seen this before on Windows Mobile smartphones and it always impresses. You photograph a business card and the OCR software extracts key information and shoves it into the Contacts application. You can make any edits that are needed manually.

There is a lot more by way of added software, including a utility that can show up to three time zones at once so you can set up phone calls or meetings; an RSS reader to complement the Windows Mobile Web browser; a password-protected area of memory for storing the stuff you'd rather keep secret; and the ability to control the device remotely via Bluetooth. There's even a graphics-driven alternative to the Windows Mobile Today screen just in case you want a more mobile phone-looking main screen.


Asus' P750 is a very aggressively priced device and under the hood it bundles a large array of software and capability. I can't say I like the mini-joystick or the hardware design, but in terms of value for money this is a very impressive smartphone.

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January 17, 2009, 9:41 pm

This PDA is a joke if u are use dto nokia and sybian OS. Navigation is bad, the phone hangs 10 times a day, battery does not last, most applications do not work, does not even have pre loaded acrobat reader! Consider other choices if you are smart. This one is not worth the money. I regret buying it.

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