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Asus P750 Smartphone review




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Asus P750 Smartphone
  • Asus P750 Smartphone
  • Asus P750 Smartphone
  • Asus P750 Smartphone
  • Asus P750 Smartphone
  • Asus P750 Smartphone
  • Asus P750 Smartphone
  • Asus P750 Smartphone
  • P5N-D Desktop Motherboard - nVIDIA nForce 750i SLI Chipset (ATX - Socket T LGA-775 - 1333 MHz, 1066 MHz, 800 MHz FSB - 8 GB DDR2 SDRAM - Ultra ATA/133 ATA-7 - 7.1 Channel Audio)


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We like Asus here at TrustedReviews. In particular we like the whole Eee PC concept and execution and we like the company's approach to smartphones too. The last smartphone we looked at from Asus was the P526 which was good, but not ‘top banana' good.

Now along comes the P750 and I have to say it is the best effort I've seen from Asus yet. It ticks an awful lot of boxes, though there are still some irritations.

The P750 is a Windows Mobile 6 Professional smartphone and as such it enters a crowded market. It needs to be pretty special to stand out. Asus knows this, and has risen to the challenge.

In design terms, though, Asus does the P750 few favours. It looks like - and indeed it is - a very chunky candybar style smartphone. It weighs a fairly hefty 130g and is 113mm tall, 58mm wide and 17.4mm thick. There is no mini keyboard lurking in all that thickness, just a numberpad on the front casing.

The black and silver colour scheme isn't going to bowl anyone over, and nor is the teeny navigation joystick that sits under the screen. I loathe the mini-joystick concept, and this one is as fiddly to use as any other I've tried.

However, there is a scroll wheel on the left edge of the casing which can also be used for moving around within applications, and you can always resort to the touchscreen, accessible with a fingertip or the stylus. I'd choose the former every time, as Asus' stylus is short and incredibly lightweight.

Now in having a touchscreen and all those front (and side) mounted buttons this device is a potential recipe for disaster. Let it rattle around in your pocket and you could call a speed dial, play your music, erase files, and do goodness knows what else thanks to unintended button presses.

However, Asus has thoughtfully included a slider on the right edge of the casing that activates a key and screen lock. Slide it in the right direction and you simply can't accidentally trigger any controls till you slide it into the unlock position. Why don't more Windows Mobile devices have this simple, yet effective system in place?

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January 17, 2009, 9:41 pm

This PDA is a joke if u are use dto nokia and sybian OS. Navigation is bad, the phone hangs 10 times a day, battery does not last, most applications do not work, does not even have pre loaded acrobat reader! Consider other choices if you are smart. This one is not worth the money. I regret buying it.

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