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Asus K52JC - Keyboard, Touchpad and Audio-Visual

Andy Vandervell

By Andy Vandervell



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Another underwhelming aspect of this laptop is its keyboard. One bonus is the presence of a number pad, and the basic layout is actually very good indeed. However, the key actions are shallow, lack definition, and - unlike the machine as a whole - the whole keyboard suffers from significant flex. Every keyboard normally has a little, but here it's enough to seriously detract from the overall experience.

By contrast the touchpad is pretty much flawless. It's well-proportioned, positioned to avoid contact when typing, and has a nice, low-friction surface. It has multi-touch, naturally, and all the various gestures work perfectly well. Its buttons, meanwhile, exemplify the kind of quality so sadly lacking in the keyboard.

At this price, one rarely expects great visual splendour from a laptop display, and so it proves with the K52JC. Its 1,366 x 768 resolution is pretty standard for the size and price, and it produces passable colour fidelity and dark detailing in videos. However, it's not particularly bright, and the viewing angles are characteristically shallow. It's no worse than many similarly priced laptops and is perfectly usable, but it lacks any particularly redeeming qualities.

It's a similar story for the speakers. They're not bad, managing decent clarity at high volumes, but they lack the bass and the mid-range richness to be anything more than a fallback for when you don't have some headphones or speakers to hand. It's also puzzling why, considering this is a fairly large laptop, Asus has shovelled them in beneath the front edge of the machine instead of in a more prominent position.

All-in-all, in use the K52JC is as middle-of-the-road as they come. To an extent this is to be expected given the price, but the flexing keyboard is a major disappointment.

peter miller

January 12, 2011, 12:19 pm

I brought one of these here in NZ, the first one had a faulty key board, and there were no replacement parts in NZ and 2 days shipping and 3 days wait before the service agent checked it out was not acceptable, Asus grudgingly replaced the whole machine, the second machine faired little better, the trial verion of office 2010 pre installed would not completely go away and has corrupted some data files..Asus blame Microsoft , Microsoft do not support trial ware!!!!! eventually I punched the machine, breaking the screen and a hinge, Asus nor their service agent want to supply a hinge, the screen is generic, and available....but no more Asus or Microsoft here.

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