1. airpods 9

    Apple AirPods

    A compelling, but flawed, first attempt by Apple

  2. iPod shuffle 2012

    iPod shuffle 2012

    We take another look at the Apple iPod shuffle to see if it makes sense in 2012.

  3. iPod nano 7th generation (2012)

    iPod nano 7th generation (2012)

    With fewer features than the iPod touch, the nano is a sleek, 5mm thick joy to use.

  4. iPod touch 5th generation (2012)

    iPod touch 5th generation (2012)

    The perfect 4-inch fun factory for those who can't afford an iPhone 5.

  5. iPod shuffle 4th Gen (2010)

    iPod shuffle 4th Gen (2010)

    Will Apple's acceptance that the iPod shuffle needs physical controls redeem its entry-level device?

  6. iPod touch 4th Gen (2010)

    iPod touch 4th Gen (2010)

    With a faster CPU, Retina display and FaceTime, what's not to like?

  7. iPod nano 6th Gen (2010)

    iPod nano 6th Gen (2010)

    The latest iPod nano lives up to its name better than ever.

  8. Apple iPod touch 3rd Gen 64GB

    Apple iPod touch 3rd Gen 64GB

    Just how incredible is Apple's new iPod touch? Hugo investigates.

  9. Apple iPod nano 5th Gen 8GB

    Apple iPod nano 5th Gen 8GB

    The addition of a video camera makes this Apple's best nano yet.

  10. Apple iPod shuffle (Third Gen)

    Apple iPod shuffle (Third Gen)

    Is there really nothing to like about Apple's latest iPod shuffle?

  11. Apple In-Ear Headphones

    Apple In-Ear Headphones

    Can Apple reverse its reputation for manufacturing awful earphones?

  12. Apple iPod touch 32GB (2nd Gen)

    Apple iPod touch 32GB (2nd Gen)

    Apple near-enough reinvented the wheel with the original iPod touch, so what does its successor bring to the table? Updated with video review.

  13. Apple iPod nano 8GB 4th Gen

    Apple iPod nano 8GB 4th Gen

    Apple's 4th generation nano is the best yet. Could this be the coolest music player available?

  14. Apple iPhone

    Apple iPhone

    As Apple's iPhone finally hits UK shores, Riyad gives you the full low down.

  15. Apple iPod touch 16GB

    Apple iPod touch 16GB

    Touch of genius or expensive gimmick? Bit of both really.