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Note: These ISO test shots were taken on a very wet overcast day when to be honest nobody in their right mind should be out taking photos, and the haze in the pictures is a result of the lousy weather, not the camera. For these shots, and most of the others, sharpness was set to low.


1/8th sec, f4.8, ISO 50. At the lowest sensitivity setting, even in these terrible photographic conditions, the CU-6530 produces a sharp image with good colour rendition and no visible noise.

1/15th sec, f4.8, ISO 100. At 100 ISO colours are more muted, some detail has been sacrificed, and there is some colour speckling in the darker areas.

1/30th sec, f4.8, ISO 200. At the maximum sensitivity setting even more detail has been lost, colours are distorted and there are random patches in places, but the overall noise level is still good.

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