1. AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ Black Edition

    Price as reviewed £159.00
    27 Sep 2007
    Our rating:

    Can the Athlon X2's last stand give Intel's Core 2 Duo something to think about?

  2. AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ EE (65nm)

    AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ EE (65nm)

    Price as reviewed £189.94
    18 Jan 2007
    Our rating:

    Can AMD make up ground on Intel with its new and enhanced Athlon 64 X2 5000+ CPU?

  3. AMD Athlon 64 FX-60

    AMD Athlon 64 FX-60

    Price as reviewed £822.00
    10 Jan 2006
    Our rating:

    AMD has finally added dual core support to its top of the range FX chip. Leo thinks that it's a scorcher!

  4. AMD Athlon X2 3800+ CPU

    AMD Athlon X2 3800+ CPU

    Price as reviewed £276.00
    12 Aug 2005
    Our rating:

    The Athlon X2 3800+ brings AMD's dual-core processor to its most affordable price point yet. Now that can't be bad can it?

  5. AMD Athlon FX-57

    AMD Athlon FX-57

    Price as reviewed £764.00
    27 Jun 2005
    Our rating:

    AMD's Athlon FX-57 is its highest clocked processor yet. Leo Waldock puts it through its paces to see if the FX can still lay claim to being the gamers' choice.

  6. AMD Sempron 3100+

    AMD Sempron 3100+

    Price as reviewed £87.00
    14 Oct 2004
    Our rating:

    AMD's latest budget CPU is based on the Athlon 64 core. It may lack 64bit support, but it's still a pretty good platform for a basic PC.

  7. AMD Sempron - Budget CPU

    AMD Sempron - Budget CPU

    Price as reviewed £77.00
    30 Jul 2004
    Our rating:

    The AMD Sempron follows in the footsteps of the Duron, hoping to grab the budget PC market segment.

  8. AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 CPU

    AMD Athlon 64 FX-53 CPU

    Price as reviewed £582.00
    25 Mar 2004
    Our rating:

    The second generation Athlon 64 FX part is certainly very fast and will no doubt also be very expensive.

  9. AMD Athlon 64 3400+

    AMD Athlon 64 3400+

    Price as reviewed £316.00
    18 Jan 2004
    Our rating:

    AMD's latest incarnation of the Athlon 64 is the fastest consumer processor on the market. But there's better value to be had one step down the speed ladder.