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AG Neovo FotoVivo V10 7in Digital Photo Frame - AG Neovo FotoVivo V10 7in Digital Photo Frame

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As with other digital photo frames there are plenty of slideshow options at your disposal, with a variety of interval timings, ordering and transition effects. Where the V10 did impress again was with the speed of the transition effects, which seemed far quicker and smoother than on other models.

Much like Philips’ competing range, the V10 also features an internal battery making it possible to sit down on the sofa with a relative and flick through photos at your leisure. The design of the V10 certainly helps in this regard, with no protruding stand to get in the way.

With the screen brightness at 100 per cent the battery was good for around an hour’s use, which is perfectly serviceable and could be extended by reducing the brightness of the screen. Other features include automated power on/off settings, which is something of an essential for a device of this type and naturally necessitates a clock and calendar functionally as well.


In general then it’s fair to say that AG Neovo’s 7in Digital Photo Frame is a great example of how this market should be handled. It has all – well most – of the requisite features one requires while looking far too stylish to be left lying around the TR office.

Still, it isn’t perfect, with the aforementioned problem with portrait viewing being a real concern. Were it not for that then it would probably be walking away with a Recommended Award, and possibly more. But it’s a significant problem, and makes the 7in Philips Digital Photo Frame an ever so slightly more complete solution despite the V10s clear advantage in design. In truth though there’s very little to choose between them, and both represent a great purchase if you’re in the market for a digital photo frame.

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