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Best Washing Machines Round-up

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Servis W814FLHD

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Servis W814FLHD

Originally reviewed by Richard Stevenson 18 March 2014

Best £400 Washing Machine

Key Features:
  • 8kg drum for up to 40 shirts per load
  • Approx. £45 per year to run
  • Available in silver, white and black
The Servis brand has been around for a while but it was relaunched a few years ago. The Servis W814FLHD is available at Argos and a number of independent retailers. It matches big brands for washing performance, however, and has some nice features such as two quick wash modes of 12 minutes and 60 minutes.
It’s no noisier than the big brands, either, even if it lacks some of the more advanced features like steam systems for reducing ironing. Indeed, the only serious difference is it costs a little more to run than the top brands. The Servis is around £12 a year dearer than the best we’ve tested, but given it costs less than £400 to buy that’s more than acceptable.

If you want a simple, cheap machine washing that performs well, it’s worth seeking out.

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