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Best Washing Machines Round-up

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Servis W714F4HD

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Servis W714F4HD

Originally reviewed by Richard Stevenson 05 June 2014

Best £300 Washing Machine

Key Features:
  • 7kg drum capacity for up 35 shirts
  • 12-minute and 60-minute fast washes
  • Costs just £11.44 per year to run

If you're on a really tight budget, the Servis W714F4HD is a very good option. It's a simple machine that's easy to use, and despite the price it doesn't look bad, either. We found the Easy Iron option worked well and it washes better than many cheaper machines we've tested.

The best thing, though, it's also one of the cheapest to run washing machines we've tested, costing around £11.44 per year based on our standard calculations. Our biggest issue is the lack of baby or sensitive skin programmes.

ALSO CONSIDER If you need a larger machine, consider the 9kg Beko WMB91442L. It costs the same and has enough space for up to 45 shirts in one wash.

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