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By Sandra Vogel



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So now you might be thinking you'll just by one of these critters, shove £10 in it, and then call Aunt Rose in Aussie any time from now till Armageddon from the comfort of anywhere you can get a 3 signal rather than needing to be at your PC at a scheduled time for the call.

Forget it. Three has thought of that. You get 4,000 Skype minutes and 10,000 messages valid for 30 days every time you top-up your mobile. Let 30 days pass and the Skype element disappears till you add more cash.

So basically you are paying £10 a month for what is effectively unlimited mobile Skype, plus whatever other usage you make of the phone. The pricing regime means you are probably going to need to use this as your everyday phone. So you'll want to know how this handset functions in that respect.

There are three colour schemes: white with blue trim around the edges, white with pink trim, and black with a glossy black trim. As for size, it's a small and fairly light candybar (100 x 44 x 13.6mm and 86g), and feels OK in the pocket and hand, though it is a little plasticky for some tastes. The screen is smallish at two diagonal inches, and low resolution at 176 x 220 pixels, though it does manage 262 thousand colours. It is adequate, but not all that good for Web browsing especially of more complex sites.

There is just 16MB of internal memory, with a microSD card slot under the battery. A 256MB card is provided with the phone. There is a reasonable music player on board, and I got just over eight hours of music from a full battery charge, which is pretty good. The in-ear headphones use the same mini USB connector that the power cable and provided mini USB cable use, so if you don't like them, tough luck.

In the centre of the navigation button the Skype button brings up the Skype services, and it is really easy to sign in or create a new account. It is also easy to initiate calls, and during testing I found call quality to be fine.

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Richard Waine

August 20, 2008, 4:26 pm

I bought one in January and I got one for my girlfiend too.

We text each other a lot and its usually only a couple of words so rather than spending a couple of pence a text we use the free instant messaging which works great. Also I have family in Spain who use Skype to call me so I just pick up on my mobile.

All in all, I would say this is a great little phone that will save you some dosh if the people you contact the most use Skype too.

P.S. Personally I believe this is the future of mobile phones. VOIP will be going mobile and this is just the start.

No Wahala

December 12, 2008, 3:27 pm

Have had the phone for a year now with no problems. It's a low priced handset with excellent call quality. It is best used as the main handset and to be selective to maximise Skype - calls 3 to 3 are free, also! Pleased that you rate the S2 so highly as I'm thinking of upgrading for the 3.2mp camera and modem. Regards No Wahala.

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