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10. Google Latitude

iTunes link: Google Latitude
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After a bit of a struggle with Apple, which saw the app added and then deleted from the App store, finally Latitude has officially landed on the iPhone. Latitude is a location aware social networking app that lets you and your friend keep in touch by sharing your location with each other. You sign up and then invite friend to join and share their location data.

Each of you has a personalised icon that shows your location on a map. If you spot someone nearby you can email, IM or text them to meet up. With this new app if you’re using an iPhone 4 or 3GS is that you can now share your location in the background even when latitude isn’t running.

But it’s not all about creepy friend stalking – there are also some privacy settings included too. For example, you can limit location sharing to city-level, hide your location or turn off automatic updating. Also bear in mind that all that location sharing can take its toll on battery life, especially if you let it run in the background.

Verdict: It’s far from perfect, but this official app is a big improvement on the rather awkward web-based version that iPhone Latitude users have had to previously put up with.

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