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9. AutoStitch Panorama

iTunes link: AutoStitch Panorama
Price: £0.59

As its names suggests Autostitch Panorama enables you to take several photos and then stitch them together into an overall panorama. The app used to cost £2.99, but is currently available at a reduce price of £0.59. There are plenty of panorama apps on the App store, but Autostitch is definitely one of the better options.

Using the app is easy. First you start up your normal camera app and take a series of snaps on your phone that overlap slightly – the makers recommend that images should overlap by about 30 percent. You then open AutoStitch and select the photos from your camera roll that you’ve just taken. Once you tap on the Stitch button the application will analyse the pictures and glue them together to create one large panorama. It’ll even adjust the exposure of the individual pictures if it notices that that are big differences between adjacent images.

Verdict: Autostitch Panorama is cheap, quick and easy to use. If you want to make high quality panorama shots on your iPhone it’s a great option.

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