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8. Fluid FX

iTunes link: Fluid FX

Price: Free

Fluid FX is made by Autodesk, the company behind the 3D software that’s used to create many of the effects you see in today’s Hollywood blockbusters. With such a high class pedigree you’d expect the effects that this app is capable of producing to be pretty impressive and thankfully it doesn’t disappoint.

You start with a still image and then manipulate it with various effects by swiping your finger on the screen. It’s a bit like digital finger painting. Effects range from realistic flames to comet trails, along with dissolving and vaporising pixel madness. You can save the results either as still images or as videos if you’re using an iPhone 4. The app use to costs £0.59, but Autodesk is currently offering it for free over the Christmas holidays.

Verdict: Fluid FX doesn’t really serve any useful purpose, but it provides some entertaining effects that can help while away a couple of hours when you’re bored.

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