10 Best iPhone Apps – January 2011 - FlightTrack Pro

Niall Magennis

By Niall Magennis



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5. FlightTrack Pro

iTunes link: /> FlightTrack Pro

Price: £5.99

With the recent bad weather causing travel chaos and leading to the closure of many airports around the country many of us found we had to pay closer attention to flight schedules than we would have liked. Although a bit pricey, Flight Tracker Pro is probably the best option on the iPhone for keeping up to date with your flight status thanks to it’s clean, easy to use interface.

We also love the way it integrates with Tripit, taking flight information you’ve forwarded to Tripit directly and so saving you the hassle of re-entering flight details.

Handily, it can also alert you to status updates on your flight via push notifications so you don’t have to have the app running to keep on top of itinerary changes.

Verdict: An easy to use interface, great integration with Tripit and support for push notifications make FlightTrack Pro worthy of its slightly high asking price.

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