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10 Best Android Apps - September 2011

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Apps have made smartphones more personal than ever, because they allow you to add extra features and functionality to your phone, while also indulging your passions for sport, gaming and a range of other activities. This month we've rounded up another ten excellent apps that are definitely worth installing on your Android phone.

Here you'll find everything from fitness apps that can help you get in shape, to some of the latest 3D games. If you've got suggestions for apps you think we should look at in the future, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments section at the end.

This month's favourites include - a very rare thing - some great Android games, a news reader and a new keyboard to make typing even faster. Plenty of them are freebies too, leaving you more cash to save up to pay the heating bill as that wintery chill starts coming 'round again.

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Round-up Items


Rugby World Cup 2011 Free Android App

01 September 2011

With live score updates and a database that puts heaps of statistics at your finger tips, this app is a good option for rugger fans.

Our rating:

Diversion Android Game

02 September 2011

If you like platform type games, you'll find that Diversion is one of the best available on Android right now, both in terms of graphics and game play.

Our rating:

Workout Trainer Android App

03 September 2011

The nagging prompts are annoying, but Workout Trainer has a large database of interesting and challenging exercises.

Our rating:
Armageddon Squadron

Armageddon Squadron Android Game

04 September 2011

Smooth controls, fluid graphics and great online game play make this a good buy.

Our rating:
Appy Geek

Appy Geek Android App

05 September 2011

Based on the same interface as News Republic, Appy Geek provides a slick and easy way to access the latest tech stories.

Our rating:

IMDb Movies and TV Android App

05 September 2011

If you're a pretty avid movie and TV show viewer then IMDb is a must have app for your phone thanks to the wealth of information it puts at your finger tips.

Our rating:

SlideIT Keyboard Android App

07 September 2011

If you like the idea of Swype, but don’t have a Samsung phone, then it's well work giving SlideIT a try.

Our rating:
WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder Android App

08 September 2011

WiFi finder is worth having installed on your phone for those times when your carrier's mobile data network is too slow or expensive to use.

Our rating:
Spirit HD

Spirit HD Android Game

09 September 2011

Spirit HD isn't the most complex game in the world, but it looks great and its game play is surprisingly original and addictive.

Our rating:

iTriage Android App

10 September 2011

iTriage is nicely presented, easy to use and offers up heaps of sensible healthcare advice.

Our rating:
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