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10 Best Android Apps of June 2011



As Android continues to go from strength to strength thanks to some great new handset launches, including the drool-inducing Galaxy S II, developers are stepping up to the plate by coming up with some excellent apps. This month sees the launch of the much-anticipated Adidas MiCoach fitness training app as well as the introduction of Napster’s Android client. Alongside those two, in this month’s round up you’ll also find a top notch news reader and an excellent photo editing app. And remember, if you’d like to suggest some apps for us to include in future rounds ups, feel free to post a comment about them at the end of the article.


Round-up Items

adidas MiCoach

adidas MiCoach Android App

01 May 2011

It’s taken a while to appear on Android, but it’s been worth the wait as MiCoach is probably the best training app available right now.

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Cyberlords Arcology

Cyberlords Arcology Android Game

02 May 2011

It doesn’t offer anything you haven’t seen before, but with stylish retro graphics, synthy soundtrack and addictive gameplay, Cyberlords definitely offers up lots of fun entertainment.

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Trainline Tickets

Trainline Tickets Android App

03 May 2011

This is a great app to have on your phone for when you need to quickly look up train times.

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Napster Android App

04 May 2011

It’s early days and there are still some bugs that need ironing out, but Napster may offer some long term competition for Spotify.

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doubleTwist Player

doubleTwist Player Android App

05 May 2011

The combination of the desktop client and mobile app makes doubletTwist one of the best media playing and syncing solutions for Android devices.

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ADW.Launcher Android App

06 May 2011

ADW.Launcher is a serious competitor to LauncherPro. Which you choose will largely come down to personal preference.

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Befunky Android App

07 May 2011

There are plenty of photo editing apps on Android, but Befunky is one of the best thanks to its winning blend of ease of use and powerful effects.

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News Republic

News Republic Android App

08 May 2011

It’s not quite as attractive or as immediate as Pulse, but News Republic is still one of the better news apps available on Android.

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Episodes for Android App

Episodes for Android App

09 May 2011

If you follow a lot of American TV shows, Episodes provides a neat way to keep track of which episodes you’ve seen and when new episodes are due to be broadcast.

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Androidify Android App

10 May 2011

Androidify is a simple idea, but it's fun to use and makes it easy to come up with some great looking Android-style avatars.

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